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Just this weekend to get final prep done for round 1 - next weekend we'll be camped up ready to race:)


Yay - first fire up of 2015 went well. Thnx as always to crew chief Gary Bird & able assistants Shane & Arron to enable Time Bomb to breath for the first time this year! Roll on Big Bang!!


No update last month so there should be two this month. First news is that the engine & turbo are back in the car with most of the plumbing done. Just need to complete the oil scavenge plumbing & coolant, wire the new coils & we're ready for the first start up of the season - planned for the weekend before Easter.

Barry Woodford has completed the repaint of the doors now, so all that remains is the front end & a good old polish. 7 weeks to go & we're feeling good.


Van & engine reunited:)

Now we have a few weeks work to re-wire the new ignition & data logging capabilities before first fire up of the year:)

Meantime, the first part of the gallery update has happened - go see


Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year :)

We get our engine back for Xmas & the van early New Year.

Much credit to Wayne Allman & Barry Woodford for the turn round of sump & re-spray respectively. If you need any out of the ordinary stuff done, go see Wayne - for all your paint requirements, call Baz.

In cyber land, we intend to get some historic galleries up early 2015 - from the initial build to the turbo debut.....funky stuff eh..??!;)


OK dunno what phase were on now..;) The engine & van are now separated as the engine has gone to get a new sump fabbed whilst the body will be going to start it's paint re-fresh this weekend & hopefully all will come back together around Xmas..:) - I cant help feeling in front of programme at the moment..:)

Running concurrently with these physical upgrades is the prep & planning for the new electrical components...so having a think about the re-wire & what we want to log & how we need to control some stuff....its coming on nicely.


Winter Upgrades

Phase 1 of the winter upgrades has happened already! Wayne Allman of Intergalactic fame has built us a new fuel tank to allow for easier access to stuff up front & better fuel flow. He also mounted the coil packs, which we will be switching too over the winter for more spark & more control over that spark.

Phase 2 is well under way too, which will not be visible on the van as it's all ECU related - hopefully the results will be visible on the track though..;)

More news when Phase 3 is underway.


So what a Hot Rod Drags!

8.57/166mph npb, won a Dirty Dozen trophy, qualified 4th & lost in the semi's to 2014 Champ & Event winner Cliff Griffin, had awesome match ups with Phil Ginner Middleton & Simon Barlow, celebrated Ellie's birthday on Sat then ran over her foot on Sunday:) & gave Colin Millar he's early birthday pressie too:) Thanks to all who helped, particularly super crew, Ellie Sidaway,  Gary Bird Penny BirdAaron Bird Shane Bird & star of the weekend Rob White. Thanks to all other Outlaw Anglia racers & crew - your the best!

The van is already undergoing updates for the 2015 season. we dropped it off at Intergalactic on Sunday night for Wayne to work he's metal wizardry on the front end & fuel delivery.


Hot Rod Drags was immense....more soon..;)


8.57/166mph PB!!!!!!!!!

Hot Rod Drags

Will be the next event for us & there is map development work going on with our engine consultant as we speak!

Roll on the HRD's.

Bug Jam

We love Bug Jam! It was the event I ran my first 9 in &, I was fairly confident an 8 was on the cards.

Gaz was not available on the Friday due to work commitments, but as the weather was good & the track was available, we elected to perfect out start line stuff & launch the car to the 8th..no more. With help from fellow racers Mark Bracking & Alan Williamson we ran three times & it felt good man.

Come qualifying & Gaz back with us the first pass was the first dip into the eights with an 8.97 - fantastic. Q2 netted a 9.1 & all was looking well with the data.

Our 60ft's were an area of concern, so after a little thinking about staging technique, Q3 on the Sunday produced a fantastic 8.6/161mph NPB. Unfortunately we weren't able to run again due to a pesky walking intake manifold gasket, but the car felt great from launch to shutdown & we have some real data to work with now.


OK this was probably the even I was looking forward to the most - not only because of the number of OA's - 17- it was the other cars entered in other classes & the general excitement throughout the racing world regarding the event.

Due to circumstances we only got two qualifiers on the Saturday & disappointed for us the can cut out both times after the burnout resulting in a DNQ. We couldn't replicate the fault in the pits which was frustrating, but undeterred we que on the Sunday in RWYB & got the car down the track to a NPB of 9.2 - the numbers weren't important, the under power pass was & set us up for Bug Jam.

Summer Nationals review.

Firstly, thanks to Santa Pod crew for doing absolutely the best the could in frustrating conditions against the weather - you really are a high performing team..!

OK, we were keen to build on the successes & learning from the Nostalgia Nationals just the week before. The first thing to straighten out was the burnout technique - & credit to our crew for making the transition seamless....well done guys..:)

We only had two runs all weekend due to the weather, however run 1 was a new season best of 9 something or other with a mis fire & then run two, finally launched at 100% throttle but had a bigger misfire. The good news is after reviewing the map again & again & the Guv's help we are 99% sure we have found the misfire gremlin, pity we didnt get chance to run to prove it........Roll on Dragstalgia..!:)

image: Pudgeys Pictures

Nostalgia Nats update:

Awesome & successful weekend at the Nats that's for sure - no numbers to report as such...but...we made it down the track under power, which is a proper result.

Loads of stuff to work on & work out, & we have the right guys involved in this, so we feel we're going the right way.

Roll on the Summer Nats..:)








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